I know that we have all heard of “The Law of Attraction”.  It became a very popular concept a few years ago when the book “The Secret” became a best seller.  This “law” states that whatever you focus on in your life grows. What a perfect concept for body building!  I have read many body building articles where trainers say that it helps to focus on the muscle that you are working.  There are some practical reasons why this works—it will help you keep proper form, and it will get you to isometrically squeeze the muscle that you are working, which works it harder and gets you more results.  But what about the mystical aspect of focusing on a muscle to make it grow?  Is it possible to send energy to certain spots in the body by thinking about those spots?  If so, does this energy help that part of the body to grow or to perform at its best?  I think that it does.  I cannot give you scientific proof other than to say that if I believe it, then I am thinking “positively” about my ability to affect my own body and there is scientific proof that thinking positive leads to greater success in all endeavors in life.

I have also noticed that in all forms of exercise (but especially yoga and weight training for me) that I become more in-tune with my body.  In weight training we focus on each little muscle and sit there with it as we lift our weights, for minutes at a time.  There is a love for one’s body that is very healthy both physically and mentally that occurs in those minutes of focus.  And in a society where so many people claim to “hate” their bodies and go years without looking at themselves naked in the mirror because of this sort of self-loathing—it is needed.  The solution to body loathing is to find ways to nurture the body and take steps to improve it (both functionally and aesthetically).  It is a very loving connection to the body that is what’s really needed.  Funny how when it comes down to it, the answer to all of life’s problems always boils down to the need for more love.  And since we cannot control whether others will love us or not (not really)… the best thing that you can do is to love yourself…. and a big part of that is to learn to connect with and love your body.  I find my focus on each muscle as I work out to be an act of saying “I love you” to those muscles worked.  And as I see improvement in the mirror, I am loving myself all the more.  It’s a beautiful thing.


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