• Q: How do I deal with all the beans I eat every day?  A: I, like most people, have issues with the “magical fruit” if I don’t follow some simple, but important steps—-1) Rinse them like crazy before & after cooking, 2) puree them before eating them, and/or 3) eat them in small quantities at a time. OR, sprout them and eat them raw (Mung beans are a good one to sprout and keep in the fridge for a quick handful or for a salad.  They are easy to sprout.  See YouTube for tons of vids on how to sprout them. They also calm my belly when it is feeling acidic.)

You see, legumes are powerhouses of nutrition and contain more protein than any other vegan food group.  But they are also VERY high in fiber (that’s why you can’t eat too many in one sitting unless they’re pureed). And when un-sprouted they are coated with an amino acid called raffinose that is supposed to keep animals from eating them before they can germinate.  Raffinose is very gas-producing, which is why we rinse them like crazy after soaking and before and after cooking.  Finally, the best thing you can do is to puree them in your blender or food processor before you eat them.  It breaks down the fiber and makes them so much easier to digest and seems to pulverize the raffinose too.  The difference between the way my body reacts to eating beans pureed and not pureed is like night and day.  Not pureed, I become bloated and flatulent (unless I only ate a very small amount).  Pureed, they digest so easy and I get absolutely no negative effects.

Sprouting is going to give you the most protein and other nutrients and be the easiest to digest.  That’s great for mung beans, adzuki beans, garbanzo beans and lentils. But some beans, like black beans, pinto beans and white beans cannot be sprouted.  For those, I highly recommend pureeing.  It makes the whole meal creamier and tastier anyway, I think.  You can puree up a large batch of beans and store them in the freezer.  It makes cooking high protein vegan meals fast and easy.


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  1. Hi Brenda,
    This is a great website! I am a vegan group ex. instructor and personal trainer. Love your articles!

    • Brenda Carey says:

      Thanks for your nice comment! It’s always so wonderful to hear from other athletes! I’m so glad you like the site! More to come…
      Best Wishes,

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