• Beans, Beans Magical Fruit, Makes You…


    Q: How do I deal with all the beans I eat every day?  A: I, like most people, have issues with the “magical fruit” if I don’t follow some simple, but important steps—-1) Rinse them like crazy before & after cooking, 2) puree them before eating them, and/or 3) eat them in small quantities [...]

  • Focus Pocus

    I know that we have all heard of “The Law of Attraction”.  It became a very popular concept a few years ago when the book “The Secret” became a best seller.  This “law” states that whatever you focus on in your life grows. What a perfect concept for body building!  I have read many body building [...]

  • Soy, oh Boy!

    This is another article (like the one on vegan food being non-deficient) that is hard for me to write without sounding annoyed because I have to deal with it so often in life.  So, I apologize for being the grumpy muscle builder that is so cliche.  Which is an interesting cliche because it has to [...]

  • Spices are Nice!

    Americans are very hung up on salt and sugar, everybody knows that.  What a shame really when there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of yummy spices out there that are actually GOOD for us, but we are hung up on the 2 that harm our health.

    Well, if you are new to eating healthy and [...]

  • Vegan Diet Deficiencies—None!

    I meet people everyday (yes, every single day of my life…. sigh) who make comments like “well, the vegan diet is deficient in so many things”.  These people making these comments are often bodybuilders, trainers, and lay people who think they know a thing or two about nutrition.  It makes me cringe and I want [...]


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