I have some big news for you today!  I’m starting a new magazine called “Vegan Health & Fitness” and I plan to launch the first issue this Summer!!!  Robert Cheeke will be on the cover, along with an as yet undetermined female vegan body builder. The image you see is Robert showing off our logo on his veganly muscular back.  The magazine will have interviews with vegan athletes and workouts and recipes and lots of stuff to inspire you and keep you healthy and fit!  I am already gathering some fantastic interviews with some amazing people and I already have some great recipes and scientific studies to share!

The good news is that I am hoping to feature people like you! I am looking for vegans who work out and are getting their bodies in fantastic shape to profile. I am looking for both male and female vegan fitness role models who will inspire others!  I am asking that you simply submit a nice photo or 2, include any before and after type photos, or just “after” photos where you’re looking great and showing off your vegan muscle (in a high quality .jpg format please) and answer the following questions:

  • How long have you been vegan and what prompted you to become vegan?
  • What are the biggest health and fitness benefits that you’ve noticed since becoming vegan?
  • What is your favorite way to get lots of vegan protein in your diet (recipe or supplement).
  • What is your favorite workout (in or out of the gym) or body part to work out in the gym with weights and why?
  • What is your favorite vegan workout shoe and/or glove?
  • And this statement: “I own the rights to the photos submitted and I grant the right to use them for the magazine ‘Vegan Health & Fitness’ and I understand that I will not be owed any monetary compensation in exchange for the photos or other content that I am submitting here today.”

Please submit your photos and answers to these questions to modelsearch@veganhealthandfitnessmag.com

The bad news (but it’s not that bad) is that I won’t be blogging here anymore.  I am going to need to devote all of my writing time to articles for the magazine.  And once the magazine is launched, I will be moving the content from this site to the magazine site (where you will be able to access all the blog entries and articles I have written here under “Editor’s Blog”).  Also, the magazine’s website will have a lot more fun stuff to come.  So, for now, enjoy the site as it is, but soon this site will redirect you to the magazine site.  I know you’re going to love it!  I look forward to your model search entries and comments! As my blog followers, you know you’ll always be my favorites!


4 Responses to New Magazine Model Search (for men and women)!

  1. Chris Siegel says:

    OMG!! How exciting — Congratulations!! That must explain why you haven’t been posting as much. :)
    I can’t wait for the magazine!! I will miss your blogs but it will be incredible to have a vegan fitness magazine. I have been reading Oxygen alot lately and I get some good tips but all the recipes and photos for meat and eggs are disgusting and depressing. It sometimes makes me feel like I will never get the body I want without eating animal products. Which I know is not true – and I would NEVER consider but it still feels disheartening. I need to see some buff vegan atheletes for inspiration.
    Thanks for taking this on – it must be a so much work but I know it is going to be GREAT!

  2. Brenda Carey says:

    Once again, you and I think just alike! I too have been reading Oxygen (and other female body builder mags) and get upset by their meat-centered bias and recipes and articles that never even acknowledge the huge number of vegan athletes in the world today! The plan is to provide that voice of the vegan athlete in this new mag. Speaking of which, are you interested in writing a little something about yourself and your journey as a vegan athlete? (Yes, working out at the gym makes you an athlete). If so, send me a photo (doesn’t have to be a bikini shot, unless you have a great one) and a little paragraph or two and I will put it in the magazine. Send it to Brenda@VeganHealthandFitnessMag.com

  3. Julie says:

    Are you still taking photos for models for your upcoming magazine!? I am so excited about this magazine!
    Thank you!

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