As my last blog states, I have been out to get my workout anywhere I can with family visiting the past couple weeks.  And I must say, of all the activities I planned for the family with the idea that I could get a workout while the kids think we’re just having fun—I must say, the paddle boarding was the most genius idea of them all!!!  It’s true when they say that paddle boarding is a full body workout!  I felt it in my butt, my thighs, my core and my arms.

I don’t know why I never tried it before.  OK, I know why.  I was intimidated and thought that you had to be a surfer or something to paddle board.  But, as I learned, that’s just not true.  Even someone who has found it impossible to stand on a surfboard (like me) can do it! (That’s me in the white long sleeve top on the yellow board in the top photo).

I am very fortunate that my friend Sean (the guy in the gray shorts) just happens to be the best paddle board instructor around and he is great with kids and adults of all ages!

He explains things very well and lets you start out on your knees and get up the courage to stand up on your own. He is also sponsored by Body Glove and has the most amazingly comfortable Body Glove paddle boards that don’t tip over very easily.  And he’s coordinated enough to work with an entire family all at once without anyone feeling left out or falling behind. I highly recommend him!  He was also telling me that he is working on yoga on the paddle board and believe me, I will be back for that!!!

If you are in the Los Angeles/Orange County area and you’ve always wanted to try paddle boarding, give Sean a call and he will have you paddle boarding around in just a few minutes (just like my sister in this picture) and you will get a fabulous workout without even realizing you’re working out! Yes, it’s that fun! His number is (310) 863-6647.  Be sure to tell him I told you about him because he’s booked up most of the time, but squeezes people in who are friends, or friends of friends!


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