I have been really resting up this week after having apparently over-done it last week and weekend (yes, that’s me in the painting—of course).  I went on a few runs and did some weight training.  Nothing crazy, but I was also letting stress really get to me.  The recession and it’s financial challenges, editing a documentary with lots of sad footage about animal abuse that I have to sort through and just plain allowing myself to get really down seems to have put my body in a state of compromised immunity.  Then, all it took was a few runs and the normal exhaustion that follows them and a chance encounter with a person coughing into their hand just before reaching out to shake mine and….Whammo!  I’m fighting off a cold.  And wouldn’t you just know, my lady time arrives at the same time. So, I’m giving myself a break from workouts for a few days and I’m allowing myself to really rest my body.  I’m also focusing on happy thoughts, and listening to happy music, which is a very important part of my recovery.

Life is full of little challenges like this.  There is no way to avoid them, so we might as well learn to handle them well.  So in addition to the rest and focusing on being happy mentioned above, I am also doing things like gargling with salt water once an hour and using a netti pot at least twice daily and taking hot showers twice a day and massaging my lymph nodes in the shower steam to get things moving. Of course, I am also doing some gentle yoga to further flush my lymphatic system.  And, here are a few nutritional things that I am doing to beat this sickness that is trying to over take me.

  • Lots of herbal tea: ginger is a natural anti-histamine and licorice root is very soothing to an inflamed throat and bronchial passages, so I’m drinking lots of warm ginger and licorice root teas.
  • Cranberry juice: very effective against bad bacteria.  I am drinking pure cranberry juice, which doesn’t taste very good, with just a splash of apple juice, which tastes good but is high in sugar and sugar is something I don’t really want in my throat right now because it exacerbates inflammation.  I am also drinking it with lots of ice since the cold helps reduce inflammation as well.
  • Lots of water.  I am flushing out my system and giving my filter organs every chance to get rid of the maximum amount of toxins by drinking so much water (with ice to reduce inflammation in the throat) that I am running to the bathroom once an hour or more.
  • Onions and garlic are the sulfur-rich vegetables that really make it hard for bad bacteria to survive in the respiratory track, so I’m eating garlic spread on rice crackers and putting lots of garlic and onions in the soups that I’m eating (miso soup with seaweed and tofu and split pea soup with carrots and herbs are 2 of my high protein favorites).
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: I am eating lots of walnuts and putting flax oil on my high protein toast to make sure I have lots of this in my system since they help make the immune system so strong

I have a big conference this weekend for my TV show and I’m supposed to sit at a booth and meet lots of people, so you see my challenge.  I have to make sure that I am in perfect health for that so that I don’t get anyone else sick.  If you have any tips on beating a cold that you can feel trying to take over your body, please comment.  I love to hear from you!


4 Responses to More Rest and Recovery Needed

  1. Sorry to hear your feeling under the weather. Get lots of rest.
    When I’m sick I use my netti pot ALOT and also make this ceyanne tea. I swear by it when I’m having anything respiratory going on .

    1 cup boiling water
    1/2 lemon, juiced
    1 tablespoon honey
    A few sprinkles of cayenne
    Mix lemon juice, honey and cayenne in a mug. Pour in the boiling water and stir. Drink often.
    Video footage of animal cruelty is so painful to view.But its so important to get the truth out and hopefully create change.What TV show do you do? is it online? I would really love to see that.
    Have a good weekend and take care of that cold.

    • Brenda Carey says:

      You are so right about the netti pot. It’s wonderfully effective in removing irritants and helping inflamed tissue in the sinus cavity heal. Salt water is an amazing healer all around. I also gargle with it and bathe in it (epsom salts). That’s so sweet of you to share this recipe with me. I actually am drinking something very similar. I use lemon juice and cayenne and just use ice water instead of hot water because the cold water is better for reducing inflammation in the throat and I omit the honey. Sweeteners in drinks like this are to make it more palatable, but the sugars increase inflammation and raise insulin, which in turn wastes valuable cortisol (cortisol is released to return insulin back to normal–but I actually need all the cortisol my body can get right now). Also, I don’t consider honey vegan because I have seen bee keepers destroy bees while removing honey (most people don’t realize this as they’ve never seen it, but it’s true).
      To answer your question about my TV show—it’s a comedy paranormal show, the website is http://www.BrendaCareyShow.com. I just attended a UFO conference this past weekend and had a booth for my show and I talked to people all day for 3 days about it. I was feeling better before this conference, but by the end my voice was gone and my throat inflamed again. So, I’m resting today and hoping to do a little home work out tonight. I will post it tomorrow. Thanks again for the kind comment! Take care.

  2. Brenda you are so right!
    OMG Now I sound like one of those “Vegans that still eats fish”!?!
    All kidding aside…
    Honey is not vegan by any means.I shouldnt cut and paste recipes out of my old folders- I even found a real cheesecake recipe in there ..blechhhhhh. Haha! I’ve been eating a plant based diet since I was 14 and spent maybe four years of that as a vegetarian.Sadly I did consume honey and some dairy during that time.I admit that I do still have to add a little stevia or something to this tea though though as its so tart.I’ll try the ceyanne tea iced next time ..your explanation makes more sense then drinking it hot.
    I will check out your show …looks great! Anything UFO related is a must watch at our house , we LOVE anything UFO!
    Take care.

    • Brenda Carey says:

      You are so funny! Your comments always make me smile! I actually know quite a few “vegans” who admit to eating honey and using beeswax products occasionally. It’s such a nit picky thing to be a vegan. I hate to seem like one of those people who makes the perfect the enemy of the good. I’m definitely not like that, I was just giving my reasons and sharing what I’ve seen with the bee keepers. But glad to hear you’re a bee lover too! Anyways, just wanted to tell you that I’ve heard of people using maple syrup with the “master cleanse” drink we’ve been discussing (although I don’t for the “sugar is evil” reasons I mentioned before). Also, I just started adding powdered ginger to my cayenne and lemon juice water for an extra kick (funny that I started out barely able to handle the cayenne, but it seems I’ve moved past that stage and am now onto spicier spicing). Drinking it cold definitely makes it more bearable—did I say “bearable”, I meant yummier! (Hee hee, we body builders are such gluttons for punishment).

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