Home workouts are great because you can spend more time with family, while still getting your workout. Here I am getting a good snuggle with my fabulous nieces.  This is the sort of thing you get to do more when you don’t have to drive to the gym.  Also, you’re being a good example for the next generation when they see you enjoying a good workout instead of only seeing you sitting on the couch.   Enjoy!
Circuit done 4 times:
  • plie squats: 15 reps/ 50 lbs
  • bench step ups, alternating legs: 10 reps/20 lbs
  • bench crunches: 25 reps/20 lbs

Then, just to really work the abs:

  • P-90X Ab Ripper DVD workout

And for the upper body:

  • pushups: 20 reps X 5 (each set with different hand positions, last 2 sets on knees with hands on dumbells)


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