I haven’t had time to blog in the past couple of days, (I know, I really missed you too!) so I’m going to post my workouts from the past 2 days now and catch up.  What’s neat is that these workouts cover almost the whole body: shoulders and calves in one workout, and glutes, thighs and arms in the other—the limbs (we could call these “The Appendages Workouts”).  Fortunately, my post from a couple days ago gives you back, biceps and abs.  Also, I will be doing a killer ab workout tonight, so you can look for that tomorrow.  You shouldn’t really work the whole body in one workout anyway.  Why?  Because the body has too darn many parts.  It would take at least 2 hours for me to really work my whole body with weights (and that means no cardio).  If I only went 45 mins – 1 hour (as is recommended for proper cortisol levels), I would have to give each body part short shrift and it wouldn’t really benefit me much.  If I did spend the 2 hours, that would send my cortisol levels through the roof because of the time and intensity, as well as the amount of lactic acid all over that my body would have to deal with the following day or 2 as I recover.  Also, when I don’t do cardio, I recover slower and have more stiffness and soreness and less energy.  This seems to be because my muscles (not to mention my brains) need the oxygen rush from cardio to recover properly.  And so, don’t be disappointed—it’s a good thing that the whole body isn’t covered in this workout—see?

OK, here’s my Calf, Shoulder and Cardio Workout from 2 nights ago (remember with calf workouts, S means toes pointed straight, I means pointed in and O means pointed out, and SOI means a whole set for each direction):

  • Seated calf raise: 10 reps/90 lbs X 4  S
  • Standing calf raise: 10 reps/160 lbs SOI
  • Shoulder press with dumbells: 8 reps/25 lbs, 6 reps/25 lbs, 8 reps/22.5 lbs, 8 reps/20 lbs (drop set to) 8 reps/12.5 lbs
  • Rotary calf press Roc It machine: 15 reps/342 lbs SOI, 12 reps/274 lbs SOI X 3
  • Upward row with shoulder press: 12 reps/30 lbs, 6 reps/40 lbs, 10 reps/30 lbs
  • Lateral raise machine: 8 reps/50 lbs, 10 reps/40 lbs X 2
  • Rear delt fly machine: 10 reps/60 lbs, 5 reps/70 lbs (drop set to) 5 reps/55 lbs, 8 reps/55 lbs
  • Elliptical cardio machine: (on toes, glutes squeezed) ramp 16/level 13/8 mins

Last night’s Glute and Thigh Home Workout:

  • One legged deadlifts with dumbell: 15 reps/35 lbs X 4
  • Plie squats with dumbell: 15 reps/35 lbs X 4 (extra slow and extra low)
  • Step up onto chair with dumbells: 10 reps/20 lbs X 10 each leg (one set of 10 per leg at a time)
  • Treadmill cardio (on toes, squeezing glutes): ramp 10/level 8/20 min

And, here’s what I ate yesterday (Note: I drink water all day long, I always have it with me, I think I drink about a gallon a day.  Also, all the food is always organic.  If it’s not organic in the grocery store, I won’t buy it.):

  • Breakfast (40 g protein): smoothie with bananas, frozen peaches, blueberries, strawberries 2+ oz wheat grass (3 g protein), 1 packet frozen acai with added protein (7 g protein), 1.5 cups soy milk (10 g protein), 1 scoop Vega Sport Performance Protein (20 g protein).
  • Lunch (36 g protein): Taco salad on whole spelt tortilla (5 g protein) with lettuce, shredded carrots and purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes, vegan taco “meat” (15 g protein), daiya cheddar cheese (2 g protein), topped with creamy miso dressing. And, 2 cups soy milk to drink.
  • Dinner (45 g protein): Vegan chik’n in orange sauce (15 g protein) with 2 cups quinoa (36 g protein) and broccoli (4 g protein)
  • During Workout: 1 liter of plain water (I’m only telling you this to show that I skipped the creatine and nitric oxide)
  • After Workout/Before Bed (36 g protein): smoothie with bananas, strawberries, 2 oz wheat grass (2 g protein), 2 cups soy milk (14 g protein), 1 scoop Vega Sport Performance Protein (20 g protein)
  • Before Bed: 1 large mug of chamomile and lavender tea with 1/2 cup soy milk (4 g protein)
  • Total 161 grams of protein for the day

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