Like most women, I am searching for a remedy for the bloated weather balloon-like quality that my middle body takes on from time to time.  First, there’s the bloat happens with our periods, a time when our bodies think they need to hoard water (which makes no sense to me—just because I’m bleeding does not mean that I need water.  What if doctors treated gun shot victims that way?  ”Oh no! the bullet hit your spleen–here, have a glass of water”).  And sometimes when we ovulate (what is the body thinking?  Just because I released an egg does not mean I need water either!  Geez!)

Then there’s the stuff we consume.  I have mentioned before my issues with creatine, but I think I got that under control now that I’m using Ethyl Ester instead of Monohydrate (doesn’t Ethyl Ester sound like she’d be a better friend to a woman than Monhydrate?  Ethyl Ester is like Lucy Ricardo’s neighbor and best friend, Ethyl, not some weird lab creation called Monohydrate).

And then there’s the sodium lurking in the foods that are the fastest and easiest to prepare (because they are often pre-prepared). For instance, yesterday I had some vegan taco “meat” for lunch and some vegan chik’n in orange sauce for dinner.  Together the sodium in just those 2 items came to nearly 1000 milligrams!!!  I just pulled the packages out of the recycling bin and checked because I have been so bloated since yesterday.  Thinking back, I thought about soaking some pinto beans, cooking them and pureeing them for my lunch instead of the pre-prepared taco “meat”, but I was busy and decided to go the faster, easier route.  Isn’t that just the way it always is in life?  Whenever you try to take a shortcut, you often end up short-cutting yourself (Ha!)  Well, lesson learned, I’m going to soak some beans today for my protein and try to avoid the processed fake meats and let Mr. Bloat hit the road. Tonight I’m going to work my abs and I want to be able to see the results of my hard work!

If you have any tips on avoiding bloat that you’d like to share, please send me a comment and I will post it!


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