I posted my measurements on March 15 in the blog “Progress Report”.  My deltoids had grown to 11 3/4 inches from a mere 11 inches when I started in January.  Well, I’m proud to report to you today that my deltoids have reached the 12 inch mark on the tape measure! This measurement is important because the deltoids give you that natural “shoulder pad” effect, which makes the hips and waist look smaller and just plain makes your clothes all hang better (especially if you’ve got bodacious ta tas like I do—but even for the flatter chested Cameron Diaz body types, nicely curved shoulders still make everything look better).

My arm workout yesterday went well at first.  I curled the 25 lb dumbells better than ever and that made me smile.  But when I went to work my deltoids doing a shoulder press, they got tired fast and I had to drop weight and do drop sets (and the 22.5 and 20 lb dumbells were nowhere to be found, so I got stuck with dropping all the way down to 17.5 lb dumbells).  I didn’t take any creatine or nitric oxide yesterday as I had been last week because I was on my period and I didn’t want to do anything that might bloat me any worse.  I am telling you this because I had a real problem with ATP and my delts just didn’t want to recover.  I left the gym without doing push ups or bench dips like I’d planned and wondered if I’d be able to drive home because my delts were so completely fatigued. I don’t know if I have become chemically dependent on creatine for ATP or if it was because of my period.  I will look into that more and report back.

I also had to contact my herbalist (Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner) and get help because of a horribly painful period this month.  It seems that the extra cortisone that my body has been producing during my workouts might make me feel great during and after the work out, but it is really taxing my adrenal glands (especially when lack of sleep and other life stressors come at me).  That’s why I got a head cold last month (and I never, ever get sick normally) and I had such horrible cramps this month (last month was no picnic either).  So, she has me taking some adrenal support herbs as well as a couple other herbal blends for my specific symptoms.  She has cured me of painful periods before (seriously, she’s amazing) and I am looking forward to her doing it again, now that my circumstances have changed to include body building.  I highly recommend that everyone (especially women with painful periods) find a good herbalist (they are few and far between in my experience).  Western medicine can offer nothing but the option to take hormones (which are synthetic or come from animals and often make things worse in the long run).  My wonderful herbalist is Kathy Castrigno and she lives in Frisco, CO.  I lived in Frisco for about 6 months a couple years ago and she helped me with my female issues like no one, anywhere (including the best doctors in NYC, L.A. and Miami) have ever helped me.  Google her if you want.  She helps people via email and the telephone too.  In fact, she cured my sister of life-long migraines via email and the telephone, having never met her.

Anyway, here’s my workout from yesterday:

  • Alternating Full Range of Motion Arm Curls with Dumbells: 12 reps/25 lbs X 2, 12 reps/25 lbs (drop set to) 15 reps/17.5 lbs
  • Shoulder Press with Dumbells: 12 reps/25 lbs, 8 reps/25 lbs (drop set to) 5 reps/17.5 lbs, 3 reps/25 lbs (drop set to) 6 reps/17.5 lbs
  • Upward Row with Shoulder Press with Barbell: 10 reps/30 lbs X 3
  • Vertical Raise Machine: 8 reps/40 lbs, 10 reps/40 lbs X 2
  • At home (about an hour later): 30 pushups on knees

And here’s what I ate yesterday:

  • Breakfast (53 g protein): smoothie with bananas, frozen blueberries, 2 oz wheat grass (2 g protein), 1 packet frozen acai with added protein (7 g protein), 1.5 cups soy milk (10 g protein), 1 scoop Vega Sport Performance Protein (20 g protein), 1 scoop strawberry/banana flavor Spirutein (14 g protein) and 1 tsp L-glutamine
  • Lunch (27 g protein): 2 slices toasted Julian’s Bakery  ”Tofu bread”, made with Amaranth, Kamut and Millet (20 g protein) with flax oil, and large cup of Nettle tea with 1 cup of soy milk (7 g protein)
  • Dinner (34 g protein): Veggie burger at “Hamburger Mary’s” which comes with 2 large veggie patties (30 + g protein), lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup and mustard on a bun (2 g protein) with seasoned french fries (2 g protein) with a cranberry juice.
  • Before Bed (50 g protein): smoothie with bananas, frozen blueberries, 2 oz wheat grass (2 g protein), 2 cups soy milk (14 g protein), 1 scoop Vega Sport Performance Protein (20 g protein), 1 scoop strawberry/banana flavor Spirutein (14 g protein) and 1 tsp L-glutamine
  • Total: 164 grams of protein for the day!

2 Responses to Bigger, better deltoids (& Vegan Protein, of course)

  1. Chris says:

    Since I have been following your blog for a couple weeks now I feel like I should introduce myself. (found the blog after Robert Cheeke mentioned it.)

    I am also woman in my 40′s and vegan. I have been an exercise freak for 15+ years but never really lifted weights. In January I decided to focus more on weight training. I am not as dedicated as you are but I am learning alot from your experiences. You inspire me to push harder.

    Thanks so much.

    • Brenda Carey says:

      Hi Chris! So nice to meet you! Your comment makes my day! I never know who is reading my blog, but I always hope that maybe I’m helping someone else! It means so much to me that you have been inspired by what you’ve read! Thank you for letting me know! Please keep in touch and let me know how it goes as you “push harder” and build that vegan muscle!
      Your Friend,

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