Just when you thought you’d seen enough pictures of my butt—here’s yet another.  I did a killer butt workout Friday night and haven’t been able to sit without saying “ouch” or walk normal ever since. It’s great!  I didn’t blog yesterday because in addition to being so sore in the derrier, last night I also had a premier party for my TV show at my house (check it out at BrendaCareyShow.com, the new episode will be posted there shortly).  But here it is Sunday and I’m still sore!  Wow!  That must’ve been a good work out.  Try it for yourself:

  • Leg Press Machine: 15 reps/255 lbs, 12 reps/295 lbs X 2, 10 reps/230 lbs, 10 reps/250 lbs
  • Outer Thigh Machine: 15 reps/34 lbs, 15 reps/39 lbs, 9 reps/45 lbs, 12 reps/45 lbs X 2
  • Inner Thigh Machine: 12 reps/67 lbs, 8 reps 75 lbs, 12 reps/52 lbs X 2
  • Plie Squats with Dumbell: 15 reps/80 lbs X 5
  • Cable Kick Backs (each set done once per leg): 12 reps/60 lbs, 12 reps/70 lbs, 10 reps/80 lbs, 12 reps/70 lbs
  • Prone Hamstring Curls: 10 reps/65 lbs X 3
  • Squats with Dumbells: 15 reps/40 lbs (2- 20 lb dumbells) X 3

If you want to know what I ate, post a comment and ask and I will be happy to oblige.  But, you can figure it out by looking at what I have been posting that I eat every day on my previous posts.  I’m just too sore and tired to write any more now. But I wanted you to have this killer workout and know that I am still building muscle like crazy thanks to all the amazing vegan protein I’m eating!  I’ll write more on that tomorrow.


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