I mentioned yesterday that my cat just died on Sunday.  She had been my companion for 16 years.  I really miss her.  When you get depressed, sometimes it’s hard to make yourself go to the gym.  But consistency is the most important thing in body building, so you can’t really stop working out when you don’t feel like it.  So, I decided that I would just do a short work out Sunday night and then last night I decided to focus on my core, since that’s where the emotional pain seemed to be centered.  Instead of listening to my usual Guns n Roses and Van Halen and Joan Jett on my iPod, I listened to George Michael’s mellow songs from the CDs, “Older” and “Ladies and Gentlemen”.  Lots of melancholy ballads.

I thought I would be weak and unable to lift much weight or do many reps because I felt so sad.  But it was actually the contrary. This ended up being one of the best work outs I’ve had in a long time because I didn’t try to deny my pain, I embraced it and used my muscles to express it.  I was almost in a trance of deep emotions that seemed to be flowing through the music and into my muscle contractions.  It was wonderful really.  I needed a way to express my pain and this was really the healthiest way that I think I’ve ever dealt with sorrow.

Here’s the workout:

  • Ab Rocker: 100 reps, 50 reps X 4
  • Back Extension: 25 reps/ holding 25 lb plate x 4
  • Mason Twists with Medicine Ball: 30 reps/8 lbs, 20 reps/12 lbs X 3
  • Crunches with Medicine Ball Over Head: 25 reps/6 lbs, 25 reps/ 8 lbs X 3
  • Weighted Roc It Machine with Lower Body Twisted to Side: R 50 reps/50 lbs, L 50 reps/50 lbs, R 50 reps/60 lbs, L 50 reps/60 lbs, R 50 reps/50 lbs, L 50 reps/50 lbs, R 15 reps/70 lbs, L 15 reps/70 lbs
  • Bridges with feet elevated onto 2 ft high platform: 15 reps/35 lb plate on hips X 5

And here’s what I ate yesterday:

  • Breakfast (46 g protein): smoothie with bananas, frozen cherries, frozen blueberries, 2 oz wheat grass (2 g protein), 1 packet frozen acai with added protein (7 g protein), 1.5 cups soy milk (10 g protein), 1 scoop Vega Sport Performance Protein (20 g protein), and 1 tsp L-glutamine powder
  • Snack: Organic Food Bar (20 g protein)
  • Lunch (35 g protein): 2 slices of toasted tofu bread (24 g protein) with 2 Tbsps of peanut butter (7 g protein) with large cup of Ginger Tea with 1/2 cup soy milk (4 g protein)
  • Dinner (29 g protein): 1 slice Field Roast  (15 g protein) with large glass of soy milk (14 g protein)
  • Snack:large mug of Chamomile Lavender Tea with 1/2 cup soy milk (4 g protein)
  • Before Bed (36 g protein): smoothie with bananas, 2 oz wheat grass (2 g protein), 2 cups soy milk (14 g protein),  and 1 scoop of Vega Sport Performance Protein (20 g protein), and 1 tsp L-glutamine powder
  • Total  166 grams of protein for the day!!!

2 Responses to Channel Your Emotional Pain into Your Core Workout

  1. DAD says:

    HI, I checked out your website again. It’s been a while. I wanted to see what it would look like in Icelandic. COOL! Only now I don’t know how ENGLISH is spelled in icelandic, so I guess I’m stuck here forever. I hope you can read this. I wonder if I’m going to be speaking icelandic now? Oh! Good job on your bod!!

  2. DAD says:

    I just left a reply. This is realy neat!Cool stuff. I will try another language ! Keep up the good work.

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