In case you are visiting this website to find out what a vegan body builder eats to get her protein—the short answer is that the best high protein vegan foods are: bean sprouts, cooked whole beans (pureed is best for easy digestion—trust me!), nuts (peanuts are the highest protein nut and almonds and brazil nuts support muscle growth by aiding testosterone), certain high protein grains (quinoa & spelt for instance) and the gently processed stuff made out the those foods like bean dips/soups, peanut butter, breads, pastas, tofu, tempeh, soy milk and of course, bars and powders for smoothies.  I post exactly what I eat every day in every blog, so if you need some food ideas, just go back through my blogs and look at what I ate.  The protein content is always listed, including the grand total of protein for the day.  Even if you aren’t vegan, I hope that you will add more plant proteins to your diet.  Most body builders fill their bodies with massive amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat with their protein intake since it is all or mostly from animal products. This is not good for the body long term and many athletes with fabulous physiques end up with heart disease, cancer and even diabetes because of their animal product centered diets. I also suspect that plant based protein builds stronger muscles since my husband (who’s a really big vegan guy at 6’2″ and 212 bs) and I have both noticed that we are stronger than most other people at the gym who are our size and even larger—you know how it is when you get on a machine after someone else and you get to see what sort of weight they were just grunting and straining over and you want to giggle : ) . Men at the gym comment that they are shocked at the amount of weight that I am lifting all the time. I just smile to myself and think “must be all those crazy beans I’m eating”.

Speaking of my workouts, here’s what I did last night for my arms.  It had been a while since I hit them hard (a week) so I really wanted to go for it:

  • Lateral Shoulder Raise Machine: 9 reps/65 lbs X 2, 6 reps/65 lbs (drop set to) 6 reps/50 lbs, 8 reps/50 lbs X 2
  • Rear Delt Fly Machine: 15 reps/45 lbs, 9 reps/60 lbs, 7 reps/60 lbs X 2, 8 reps/60 lbs X 2
  • Dumbell Shoulder Press 10 reps/ 2-20lbs, 8 reps/ 2-20 lbs, 8 reps 2-20 lbs (drop set to) 8 reps/2-15 lbs
  • Straight Arm Delt Raise (Leaning) One Arm at a Time: 6 reps/12 lbs each arm, 8 reps/12 lbs each arm, 10 reps/12 lbs each arm, 12 reps/12 lbs each arm
  • Full Range of Motion Arm Curls (Alternating Arms): 8 reps/22.5 lbs X 5, 20 reps/15 lbs
  • Bench Dips: 15 reps X 3
  • Shoulder Press Machine: 8 reps/40 lbs, 10 reps/30 lbs X 2
  • 20 push ups

And here’s what I ate yesterday:

  • Breakfast (40 g protein): Smoothie with bananas, frozen blueberries, cherries, 1 oz wheat grass (3 g protein), soy milk (1.5 cups=10 g protein), 1/2 scoop Vega Complete Whole Food Optimizer (7 g protein), 1 scoop Vega Sport Performance Protein (20 g protein)
  • Snacks (35 g protein): peanuts (15 g protein), Builder’s Bar (20 g protein)
  • Lunch (17 g protein): Mexican Soup with pureed pinto beans (15 g protein), onions, red bell peppers, spinach, garlic, and daiya cheddar style cheese (2 g protein)
  • Snacks: peanuts (15 g protein), Builder’s Bar (20 g protein)
  • Dinner (30 g protein): Toasted high protein tofu bread (10 g protein), with a tbsp peanut butter (6 g protein) and a glass of soy mik (2 cups= 14 g protein)
  • Snacks: 1.5 Builder’s Bars (30 g protein)
  • Before Bed (36 g protein): Smoothie with bananas, wheatgrass (2 g protein), 2 cups soy milk (14 g protein) and 1 scoop :VP” (20 g protein)
  • Total 203 g protein for the day!!!

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