I went to Las Vegas for a family get together over the weekend, so I have lots of commentary about maintaining this lifestyle when on the road (hint: it’s REALLY hard).  Since most Americans eat nothing but garbage and don’t exercise much, that is what you get in spades when you find yourself in a tourist trap (you can see the results of that lifestyle too—just look around at the other tourists next time you find yourself in a touristy destination—it’s not pretty).  Crappy food choices abound and gym access in the hotel is not easy either (short hours and added fees to access the gym, which is sadly lacking in equipment).   Add on top of that the horribly hard and lumpy mattresses in the rooms and people in the hallways of the hotels at all hours randomly bursting into “whoo hoo” and similar drunk-person mating calls, being sleep deprived becomes another challenge.  I really respect people like Robert Cheeke and Brendan Brazier who travel all the time and yet maintain their world-class athletic bodies.  They were definitely on my mind as I suffered through my weekend, thinking: I should have planned ahead better.  I should have brought a blender so I could make smoothies in my room.  I should have brought some resistance bands so that I could get a better work out in my room.  And I should have brought ear plugs, an eye mask and a decent pillow for better sleeping.  I need to mention that delicious vegan food choices are available at the Wynn Casino.  I had an amazing meal there and will definitely stay there next time!!!  Thanks Mr. Wynn for being a health-conscious proprietor in the land of the unhealthy!!!

I wasn’t able to work out when we arrived because I was too tired from the drive and I wasn’t able to work out the day we left because of being sleep deprived and anticipating the horrible drive home.  But on the 2nd day, I was able to do some exercising in the room.

Here’s an example of how I muddled through it:

  • 20 full squats
  • 1 legged bridge with foot on chair: 15 reps x 4 ea leg
  • 20 plie squats
  • 15 lunge squats/ ea leg
  • bridge with both feet on chair/ 30 reps
  • lots of walking and stairs (skipping every other step and squeezing glutes)

That’s it.  That’s all I could do.  The itinerary was not making it possible to go to the gym.  And, here’s what I ate:

  • Breakfast: Jamba Juice Soy Protein Shake with double shot of wheat grass (about 25 g protein)
  • Snack: peanuts (15 g protein)
  • Lunch: Black Bean Veggie Burger at Broadway Burger in the New York, New York food Court (probably about 25 g protein)
  • Dinner: at Botero Restaurant in the Wynn Casino/Hotel: 5 course Vegan tasting Menu—it was AMAZING!!!  It included stuff like quinoa pasta and braised crispy tofu and a coconut creme brulee that was TO DIE FOR!!! (Probably got my 40-50 grams of protein in this meal)
  • Total: about 150 g protein for the day.

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