I think the real proof that you are a bad ass is the ability to heal quickly. No? Well it definitely comes in handy (right after the ability to avoid injury).  I attribute my strained gluteus medius being completely healed already to my hard core healing antics—the use of my heating pad, tiger balm, hot baths, good nutrition (of course) and simply allowing that muscle to move as little as possible yesterday.  I took the injury seriously, even though it was minor, and that is why it’s gone already and now I can get back to working my butt out (in a couple days).

I didn’t really take a break from the work of building my body, I just shifted focus away from my butt to my arms.  I worked them pretty hard with some heavy weights and they were completely fatigued after just a few exercises, so I decided to do a little ab work with the time I had left in the gym.  I am trying to work the abs more often.  They say that you can work them as often as every other day as long as they’re not sore.  I usually don’t have time because my other body parts take so long to hit from every angle.  It’s so much more efficient to really crank up the intensity with the weight so that you can fatigue the muscle faster and move on.  Here’s my workout from last night, enjoy!


  • Dumbell shoulder press: 10 reps/2-17.5 lbs, 3 reps/2-22.5 lbs (drop set to) 8 reps/2-17.5 lbs, 8 reps/2-20 lbs X 3
  • Full Range of Motion Curls with Dumbells: 12 reps/20 lbs (drop set to) 12 reps/17.5 lbs X 3
  • Seated Dip Machine: 10 reps/121 lbs X 4
  • Delt Lateral Raise Machine: 5 reps/50 lbs (drop set to) 8 reps/40 lbs X 3, 12 reps/40 lbs


  • Weighted Crunch Machine: 25 reps/30 lbs (raise set to) 10 reps/40 lbs (drop set to) 20 reps/30 lbs (drop set to) 25 reps/20 lbs (raise set to) 10 reps/40 lbs (10 second break and repeat) 10 reps/ 40 lbs
  • Ab Rocker Crunch Device: 100 reps (1 min rest), 100 reps (1 min rest), 125 reps
  • Hanging Leg Raise: 25 reps X 4 (1 min rest in between sets)
  • Cardio: 20 minutes on the Elliptical Machine (squeezing abs, and with elevation at 18), for a burn of 150 calories

And, here’s what I ate yesterday:

  • Breakfast (37 g protein): smoothie with bananas, frozen cherries, blueberries, peaches, 1 oz wheatgrass, 1.5 cups soymilk (10 g protein), 1/2 scoop Vega Vega Complete Whole Food Optimizer (7 g protein), 1 scoop Vega Sport Performance Protein (20 g protein)
  • Snack: Spelt toast (6 g protein) with garlic spread and tomato dipping sauce
  • Lunch (26 g protein): white miso soup with onions, spinach, tofu (18 g protein) and buckwheat soba noodles (8 g protein)
  • Snacks (37 g protein): peanuts (15 g protein), organic food bar (22 g protein)
  • Dinner: Lemon Pepper Tempeh sandwich on spelt toast (10 g protein) with spinach, red peppers, Veganaise and mustard.
  • After workout/Before Bed (34 g protein): smoothie with banana, peaches, cherry juice, 1 oz wheatgrass, 2 cups soymilk (14 g protein), 1 scoop Vega Sport Performance Protein (20 g protein)
  • TOTAL: 159 grams of protein for the day!!!

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